What The Heck Is An #Emmit? (and other top Twitter questions)

Dec 07

If you already know about #Emmit, you can skip ahead to the last paragraph. But given the number of times “What is an Emmit??” has come up on Twitter, I decided to save us all some sanity and write a simple explanatory post. So. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

What The Hell Is An #Emmit?

Short  Boring Answer #1: “Emmit” is a Twitter inspired name for my creative business plan, which just happens to have a clown nose, circus lights, popcorn and a (soon to be installed) minibar.

Short Boring Answer #2:  #Emmit is a Twitter hash tag for discussing creative non-scary approaches to business and project planning.

Got it?  Good.
Because I hate being boring.
Next question, please?

It's A Flourish!

Why Emmit?

Erm… Why *not* Emmit?

Ok, ok… If your brain really needs this to make sense, let’s pretend Emmit is named for Emmett Kelly, the famous and fabulous tramp clown of days gone by.  It fits with my circus theme, after all.

Yes, I know… it’s spelled wrong.  But it was originally an off the cuff Twitter thing, and those usually fade into obscurity in, say, 20 seconds. This time, it didn’t.  So we’re stuck with the spelling, as is.

Besides, saying Emmit is just *way* funnier than Emmet.

No, I don’t know why.  It just is.

It's A Flourish!

How Did This Start Again?

Well, Kirsty Hall mentioned that she was working on her Evil Plans book. I responded with this:


LaVonne Ellis declared that Emmit was really the only choice for a Biz Plan name, and from there, it got really silly. It might have even involved a bit of inebriation.

Someone else started laughing at the idea of taking a business plan named Emmit into a bank, I shared that Emmit had a clown nose, circus lights and popcorn (all true) and soon, there were just too many Tweets and Tweeters to keep up with.

So I threw a temper tantrum.

I stomped my feet and demanded a Twitter hashtag. Repeatedly.  (if you aren’t on Twitter, a hashtag is just a short term with a # in front of it.  Using one makes it possible to follow a more complex Twitter conversation)

To shut me up, Lavonne suggested #emmit, which cracked us all up even more.

Then, somehow? It’s like #Emmit had some sort of magic in that clown nose of his.

The whole thing went from being random absurdity to purposeful absurdity, and soon a whole bunch of people were dragging out construction paper, crayons, and stickers to work on their business plans.

Which, apparently, are all named #emmit.

Now, aren’t you glad you asked?

It's A Flourish!

Who’s Involved With #Emmit?

Egads, you’re really expecting me to look up these names?  INCONCEIVABLE!

Ok, seriously.

Skaja Wills (@SkajaW on Twitter) has the beginnings of a Twitter List started; you can subscribe to it, here: The Unofficial #Emmit List

#Emmit’s fan club is growing so quickly, Skaja is likely behind on adding names – please message her to be sure you get on the list.

Me? I’m on Twitter as @ToriDeaux.

Oh, and I’ve just gotten Emmit his very own Twitter account. I’m not really sure what he’ll be doing, but you might want to follow him for any official updates, without as much noise. You can find him at @DearEmmit

It's A Flourish!

Can I Create My Own Emmit/WackyBizPlan?

Of course. That’s what this is all about.

And you don’t *have* to name your plan Emmit, either.  You could name yours “Prince Poodle-Snockers” or “Suzy: The Giant BluePrint of Successification” or maybe “My Business Plan”.  Of course, Emmit is fine, too. Whatever.

I’ve listed the resources I know of here:
A Business Plan Named Emmit: The Resource List

If you have more, please share in the comments.

It's A Flourish!

What’s Next?

Good question!

This whole thing has taken me by suprise, so it’s not like I had an actual plan to take over the world via #emmit.

But at the least, there will be a chat later this week, maybe a bit more… so stay tuned.  I’ll make official announcements both on Twitter and here on the blog…  and we can use the comment section on this post for working out the details, etc.

UPDATE!! An #emmit Tweet chat is scheduled for this Thursday, December 16th 2-3pm EST
On Twitter, or http://www.tweetchat.com/emmit


It's another flourish!

Any more questions, suggestions,
ideas or resources to share?
Let’s comment it up, People!


  1. OH! I missed the whole #emmit thing – damn! Why was I not on Twitter during that fateful time 🙂

    Great idea to take the scary out of business plans. I’ve got a different method that involves sticky notes but doesn’t have a name. Maybe I’ll trot it out one day 🙂

  2. Tori, you are a woman after my own heart — a crazy idea takes hold and you run with it. Well done!

  3. Tori Deaux /

    Monette, we are SO not done with the #emmit insanity. It’ll get weird again soon, I’m sure! And it’d be great to see your sticky note method 🙂 Soon! Please?

    LaVonne, watching you catch the wave of #customerlove is part of what’s inspired me to do this… every time I’m overwhelmed, I think of you. And that you managed. Somehow!

  4. I still don’t entirely understand what an Emmit is, but I’m in, whatever it may be. Yay!!!

  5. Tori,

    I’m in. I’m now an @Emmit follower! Only thing – not sure I can make Saturday afternoon chats 🙁 Will there be other times?

  6. I guess I must have been hiding under a rock when all of this transpired, but I’m glad I emerged now! What a delightful development! I love it!

    Off to follow the Twitterchat…