A Business Plan Named Emmit: Creative Plan Resources

Dec 06

A Glimpse Of Emmit The Business Plan So, last night things got a little weird
on Twitter.

And somehow, I wound up naming my business plan Emmit.  A lot of other Quirksters liked the idea, so they’re naming their business plans Emmit, too.

And yes, Emmit-the-First is an actual business plan, with all the proper bits like sales projections, target markets, financial forecasts, marketing plans, and profit margins. Emmit also happens to have a clown nose, flashing circus lights, and popcorn.

Yes, really.And last night, he seemed to acquire a minibar.  I’m not quite sure how that’s going to work, but, hey.  It was a popular idea.

Emmit is still getting his act together, but you can get a sneak peek at him on my interview with Jennifer Lee, who inspired Emmit with her Right Brain Business Plan. It’s here:  Spotlight on Tori Deaux of Circus Serene and you can browse other biz plan examples there, too. Some are drop dead gorgeous!

Oh, Emmit  does ask that you promise not to laugh at his half-dressed-circus-clown-self.  Wait, what’s that Emmit? Oops.  I miss heard him – he’d like you to promise TO laugh.  He is a circus clown, after all.

Anyway. Back to Twitter.

I wound up promising folks a blog post about Emmit, and more info on creative business plans in general.I also promised some hand holding and a list of resources. Judging by the Twitter activity on #emmit today, I thought I’d go ahead and post the basic resources now, so folks’d have them.

These are all very reasonably priced, so picking up the whole lot isn’t out of the question.

So here goes! Ahem.

It's A Flourish!

1. The Right Brain Business Plan
by Jennifer Lee

I bought the e-book last summer, and was so intrigued I scraped up the money for the full course. When I started, all I had was the name “Circus Serene” and a bit of uncertainty about what I wanted it to be.   By the time the course was over, I’d found a mad well of creativity, the illustration style that’s becoming a trademark, and a whole passel of brilliant ideas.

Jenn has a hard copy book coming out soon (and I’m in it! yay!) but I’m not sure when her next course will be. You can go ahead and pick up the e-book now, though, and if you decide to do the course later, you get credit for the price of the book.  The course was really worth it, for me too –  there’s a huge amount of extra material in it, and Jenn is an engaging, encouraging guide with a ginormous number of  resources. She somehow made the financial page fun. Which is like a miracle.

You can get the e-book here, for 19.95:
Right-Brain Business Plan

Or you can find more info on the course, and register for more info here:  Right-Brain Business Plan eCourse

Final Note: Yes, the above links to the Right Brain Business Plan affiliate links, because I’m trying to get over myself about money, and the elephants want more peanuts.  If you’re suspicious of affiliate links, I’m fine with that –Just go directly to Http://www.RightBrainBusinessPlans.Com )

It's A Flourish!

2. Creating Your Business Map: Alignment For Your Inspired (Ad)Venture,
by Nona Jordan

I haven’t picked this one up, but I will, I will!  I love Nona’s yoga influenced style, and it looks like another fabulous and inspiring approach that should fit well into my existing plan.

And it’s only $17.

Seven.Teen. Dollars. Egads.

The only reason I haven’t picked it up is time, and I’d love to hear back from anyone who gives it a whirl.

Check it out here:  Creating Your Business Map

(Not an affiliate link, because my policy is not to partner with anything I haven’t personally used yet, no matter how awesome it seems. Bummer. Go buy it anyway. I want to know how cool it is!)

It's A Flourish!

3.  Mapping Your Business With Julie Stuart
via Third Hand Works

So, Julie Stuart is this wonderful, tempting resource whose work I haven’t really had time to explore, but @KathrynTHunter mentioned this mini-course  of Julie’s, available on ThirdHandWorks, and it looks pretty darn cool, too.  The live call is long since over, but the recording and handouts can still be ours for $30

Pick it up here: Mapping Your Business With Julie Stuart (on Third Hand Works) and maybe I’ll get to this one after the holidays, too!

(Again, not an affiliate link, because I haven’t done this course… I have, however, done another of Cairene’s Third Hand Work thingies, and trust her quality to be top notch 🙂 Let me know if you get this one, and what it’s like!)

It's A Flourish!

So pick whichever resource seems to fit you best, or just wing it on your own. If you’d like to be bored to tears and see a more traditional business planning template, just search Google.  Emmit doesn’t want me to get my hands dirty by actually recommending one.  Me, I suggest skipping the formal stuff and investing in glitter pens and scrapbooking supplies!

If you’re on Twitter, and would like to hang out with fellow Emmit lovers, just follow hashtag #emmit, or @SkajaW put together a list of #emmit participants. And If you aren’t on Twitter, isn’t this a great excuse to sign up and be overwhelmed with the inspirational insanity of #emmit?

Another look at Emmit. And the Pom Pup, as a bonus.

Emmit’s Financial Pages,  Plus Bonus Circus Dog.

It's another flourish!

UPDATE:  There’s now an official chat scheduled, for playing and planning with Emmit, #emmit and maybe even an appearance by Circus Dog.

Details here:  Emmits Play and Plan Chat Party
More about Emmit, Here What The Hell Is An Emmit?


  1. This is so effing awesome, Tori. I never thought anybody would ever persuade me that business plans can be fun, but you have. I love Emmit!

  2. Hilarious. And I wasn’t kidding when I tweeted that my dog’s name is Emmett, which makes this whole hashtag business even more weird! Ha. Thanks for the rbbp mention and sharing these other great creative biz resources. Now doesn’t Emmit need to go out for a walk now?

  3. Ah, wonderful! I have a meeting with my business advisor (accountant feller who loves numbers). It may get a little weird now!
    Thanks Emmit 🙂

  4. This is fabulous!! I love the idea of naming your business plan to give it more of a personal, and fun, feeling.

    Can’t wait to see more about your business plan — thanks for the shout out… I’d be happy to put you in touch with some folks who have used the Business Map.


  5. Thanks for sharing Emmit. I have my clients do nontraditional business plans, but never thought of naming one. Love the idea and shared it on my blog.

    Keep being AWESOME!

  6. Tori,

    I LOVE it! My personal mission in life is to help people realize finance (and of course biz plans) can be fun. I’m going to use this idea, and will be sure to give you credit:)

    Can’t wait to see what’s next.


  7. Tori Deaux /

    I’m so, so thrilled that what started as Twitter silliness has inspired people so much. I’m a bit overwhelmed, so limiting replies, but… YAY!

    (and I’m seriously giggling at Jenn’s dog being named Emmett, since my Emmit went to nursery school in her Right Brained Business Plan course. Synchronicity FTW!)

  8. I likes me this Emmitt fella.

  9. Tori Deaux /

    TaDa! One #emmit chat, scheduled for this Saturday, 3-4pm Eastern U.S. time. Here’re the details: Emmit’s Plan & Play

    Hope you can join us!